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lightning link

I’m pleased to announce the deployment of the Watters & Guèdenet CRM system, called Lightning Link.  This is an advanced collaboration tool in the form of a web application that I wrote specifically to manage our tasks, projects, deadlines, contacts, case files, and data.

The system is hand-coded in PHP/PostgreSQL and features task creation, editing, review, and approvals; contact management and sharing; case management; client management; billing and payment management; and vendor management. Down the road it will integrate with our time keeping and trust accounting as well.

I wrote this system because none of the commercially available CRM systems offer the responsiveness, local storage, and/or customization opportunities of a purpose-built system.

I am also announcing my availability to develop custom CRM systems for law firm use.  My software engineering rate is $200 per hour and these things take about 30 hours for something good ($6,000).

Lightning Link Screenshot