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the defiant machine


Executive Producer
Andrew Watters

Bill Lonero

Mixed and Mastered by
Tim Gennert at Prairie Sun Studios

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Selected for Guitar Player magazine’s 50th anniversary as a noteworthy album of the last fifty years. (The list also includes Master of Puppets, Nevermind, and Rage Against the Machine, as well as many others.)

“Now you could suggest the days of instrumental metal albums are a thing from the past with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani as strongholders. LoNero proves [that] wrong. Their so called ‘Guitarcore’ is exactly filling a gap that was never filled before…the instrumental hardrock/metal album of the year so far…”

“I wish I knew where music like this comes from, because it’s mind-blowing. These guys deserve to be famous and they are a monument to musical ability, technical proficiency, and originality.”
–iTunes review